So today I will tell you a small story about how Skidrow(a group which cracks newly released games) made a fortune on the name of Diablo 3 without even sweating a bit, in order to understand what I am about to explain,you need to read some facts about Diablo 3, Skidrow and Online DRM



Diablo 3: Game took 12 years to complete, it was most awaited since Diablo 2(2000) was a huge hit, and people play it still today, main factors for the hype around the game were, Diablo is considered the best of RPG’s(Infinite playability) , It is a game from blizzard, and all games from blizzard have 90+ ratings

DRM or Digital rights management : How to make people hate your gaming company? Ask Ubisoft, they know it very well  It all started with assassins creed II, the game requires an always-on ‘Net connection and constant communication with the home server. If your connection is dropped, the game kicks you out, and you lose any progress you had made since your last save.

Skidrow: SKiDROW is a cracking group known for breaking the UbiSoft DRM protection. SKiDROW has released their content since 1990, since 2007 they have released many things: trainers, games and cracks. Although they were releasing many games, they truly became well known in the gaming community after cracking Ubisoft’s first DRM version. Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic and Assassin’s Creed II utilize this type of protection, and both have been cracked by SKiDROW, among many other games. Ubisoft’s second DRM version has also been cracked by them, in games such as From Dust and Shaun White Skateboarding. One of Their recent release is Assassin’s Creed: Revelations for PC which was released 9 days ahead of the official date.


Back to the story at hand

Diablo3+Skidrow: So why did people flock to skidrow’s sites looking for Diablo 3 crack? The answer is real simple, they already cracked online DRM (Ubisoft) and they are a reputed warez group, but little did the users know that cracking Diablo 3 is not as easy as assassin’s creed 2, reason? Assassin’s creed was completely a offline single player game, which had DRM just to check that the game is a legit copy, where as Diablo 3 is highly dependent on the server files in order to run, so if skidrow wants crack Diablo they have to literally hack blizzard servers, copy the files to their local machines, host a emulated server (which comes at a cost)


Adfly earnings

How Skidrow made a fortune: So when the game was officially released on 15th of May 2012, while people who bought it where struggling with error numbers from 1 to 32,33 and infinity, the other part of the gaming community who refer themselves proudly as pirates started searching for the cracked version of Diablo 3, and Skidrow was to be heard everywhere, even I visited their official site like a 100 times on the first day only to be disappointed, but people kept hope and kept checking again and again, in spite of the annoying ‘Adfly’ ads popping up every time you visit the site, there is no crack till date, but Skidrow has over ‘1535300’ views for something they did nothing but upload already available collector’s edition(torrents) onto file sharing sites, which offer you a petty bandwidth

Image 2

Number of visits

How much did skidrow actually make?

When I said ‘Fortune’ I did not mean millions but seriously considerable amount, here is a calculation to give you a small idea,

5$ per 10000 views = 0.0005 $ per view

1535209 views = 767.6045 $

The above figures are just for ‘Adfly’, they have multiple sponsors or affiliates like Clicksor, and don’t forget about the which offered the same Collector’s edition without crack, so it is no wonder that their actual earnings would be tenfold!

Yes, we know we have to wait for the crack!

Bonus Note: People did not give enough attention to Mooege(People who cracked the Diablo 3 Beta), which is a pity

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